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Join us every Friday during the school year at 3 p.m. for free espresso, coffee, tea, and snacks, and at 4 p.m. for a short talk on an engaging topic followed by discussion. This is a great way to connect with the Anselm House community on campus.

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Fridays @ Anselm House are organized by and intended for students, although we welcome faculty and staff on campus to take part as well. If you’re not a part of this campus community and are interested in attending, please contact Michaela in advance at
Christian Practices Series Part 2: Corporate Worship | October 13, 2017


We continue our series on Christian practices this week as we welcome Father Jonathan Proctor, Rector at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church. Father Jonathan will invite us to explore why Christians gather for worship, what liturgy is, and more.

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Upcoming Topics:


Oct. 20 – Christian Practices Series, Part 3: Sabbath and Rest


Oct. 27 – Christian Practices Series, Part 4: Bible Study

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