The work of Anselm House is supported through the generous contributions of alumni, parents, partnering churches, and other individuals who are committed to our mission of connecting faith and knowledge with all of life.

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When people are equipped
to combat the divided life and live integrated lives,

the university
and its community
will flourish.


When people are equipped
to combat the divided life and live integrated lives,

the university & its community will flourish.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Christian study center?

Anselm House belongs to a consortium of Christian Study Centers at universities across the country. Our Study Center is our house and community space for quiet reading, group discussions, and learning. Coffee is always brewing, there’s always someone reading in the library, and our academically trained staff on hand for questions or discussions. All are welcome.

Who is Anselm?

St. Anselm of Canterbury was a theologian and philosopher who grounded his intellectual rigor in an active spiritual life of prayer and devotion. He coined the phrase “faith seeking understanding,” which encapsulates part of our mission. He was also the first to formulate an important argument for God’s existence, among other intellectual and religious accomplishments. Anselm’s life of thoughtful faith and interaction with secular learning is a model for how we engage with the University.

Who is Anselm House for?

Our community is for anyone and everyone—undergraduates, grad students, faculty and staff, pastors and church workers, academics, theologians and scholars. We welcome people from all faith backgrounds.

How do I get involved?

Come to a public event, sign up for a reading group, or stop by the study center. To stay up to date on our events, content, or thoughts, sign up for our email list.