Shakespeare and Film Night: Julius Caesar with Dr. Keith Jones


Keith Jones


Thursday, Jul. 13, 2017 | 6:30 p.m.



Please join us for a summer viewing and discussion of a recent adaptation of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Guided by Dr. Keith Jones, of the University of Northwestern, we will be watching this fast paced thriller centered on a struggle for democracy and power.


We will specifically watch the film version of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s 2012 production of Julius Caesar, set in a modern African state and featuring a distinguished cast of black actors. Despite being written over 400 years ago, Shakespeare’s play on a scene from classical antiquity continues to resonate with pressing political, ethical, and societal dilemmas of today.


It will be a fun evening of popcorn, conversation, and of course, Shakespeare!


Dr. Keith Jones received his Ph.D. in Renaissance English Literature from Saint Louis University and currently is professor of English Literature at University of Northwestern St. Paul.