Climate Change: Facts, Fictions, & The Christian Faith

Katherine Hayhoe

Thursday, April 21

Climate Change: Facts, Fictions, & The Christian Faith

In the third annual Anderson Lecture in Science and Religion, Dr. Katharine Hayhoe considered the scientific evidence for human-caused climate change and address common objections to such evidence. Speaking as both an internationally renowned climate scientist and an evangelical Christian, she also discussed why she believes that Christians should seek responsible solutions to climate change.

Perhaps the best communicator on climate change.


As a climate scientist with a faculty appointment in a political science department, Dr. Hayhoe is both an exceptional scientist and also “perhaps the best communicator on climate change,” according to Professor John Abraham of the University of St. Thomas. Because of her unique combination of faith, her scientific understanding, and her gifts in teaching and communication, Dr. Hayhoe has been featured widely in the media—including film, television, and online venues. Below are some of the articles, interviews, and talks that will give you a good sense of Dr. Hayhoe as a scientist and as a Christian.


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