The History and Rituals of Church Architecture

Paul May

Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016

The History and Rituals of Church Architecture

Have you ever wondered why our churches look the way they do? Do they reflect whims of architectural fashion or might they reflect rituals, culture and worship styles from the ages? Why a basilica plan shape? Why are there additional side aisles? How might Moses, King David, Jesus, Constantine, Charlemagne, Luther, Gutenberg, Da Vinci, Pope Saint John XXIII, and Frank Lloyd Wright have affected church design? How has church design been influenced by Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Reformation / Counter Reformation, the Shakers, the Great Awakening, Vatican II, and television?


In this talk, architect Paul May describes the origins and development of church architecture as well as the insights into church design from its Hebraic roots to our contemporary structures.


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