Voices from the Anselm House community.

Anselm House brings together students and faculty, national speakers and Twin Cities locals, doctors and artists—anyone with a longing to ask life’s big questions and live into the answers. Read perspectives from those who’ve connected with Anselm House, whether through a single event or over many years.


4th Year Medical Student

I’ve always had a great passion for the health sciences and really enjoy seeing, learning, and understanding things holistically. When I compartmentalize my life, when my studies become devoid of faith, that disconnect is demotivating and exhausting. Learning about the body from a microscopic to macroscopic level, it becomes so clear to me how perfectly our Creator orchestrated our bodies. In this, I think medicine is a very spiritual study—and at Anselm House I’ve been able to delve into that belief with greater understanding.

Chris Macosko

Professor, Chemical Engineering

Where can a chemical engineer develop a friendship with a professor of higher education administration? Anselm House. Their events provide much-needed bridges across disciplinary divides. Their support keeps our Christian Faculty Network vibrant, because they help connect our academic minds with our faith—and that is like a spring of “living water” to Christian faculty here.


Class of 2015, Mechanical Engineering

Participating in the Colin MacLaurin Fellows Program with Anselm House gave me the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a theology of technology and, more broadly, of work. It gave me the space to explore and consider different approaches to my field with input from a close community. Ultimately, it helped me to distill what a biblical approach to engineering might look like. I have greater confidence now that I don’t have to leave my faith at home working in the industry; as an engineer, I am part of the Kingdom of God.


PhD Student, Water Resources Science

I research vegetation, water quality, eroding ravines, and wetlands—and the Colin MacLaurin Fellows Program at Anselm House has challenged me to be conscious of my faith in every aspect of this research. I have greater joy in my research and in my encounters with people in other fields, because this community has shown me how every subject, every field, and every form of work was created for worshipping and glorifying God.

Dr. Naty Lopez

Assistant Dean, Dentistry

Part of my job as faculty and administrator at the university is working with under represented groups—but I find it difficult to keep a servant-leader mindset. It is so refreshing to have a place and a community in this context that helps students and faculty think and live as Christians. Whenever I go to Anselm House, it is like receiving cooling waters.

Katie (right)

Class of 2017, Mechanical Engineering

I’ve held two internships where my coworkers believed work is solely a way to make a living,and enjoyment comes on weekends or vacation. Anselm House has helped me to view this completely differently. I can find fulfillment in my work, because as a Christian, my work looks forward to the new heavens and new earth that will be present when Jesus returns. Anselm House has helped me to see the signs of restoration and human flourishing present in my work, and has encouraged me to see my vocation in a new and hopeful light.