Cultivating Christian community from the heart of the University of Minnesota.

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Melrose Station

Connecting faith & knowledge with all of life.

For more than forty years, Anselm House has served U of M students, faculty, and friends in the mission of connecting faith and knowledge with all of life. It is our joyful pursuit to help people see the world and approach life as God created it to be: whole.

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Start making meaningful connections.

There is vibrant Christian community to be found at the U of MN—and we invite you to learn and grow with us.  Anselm House programs feature gatherings, groups, and academic cohorts where students  and faculty can deepen both faith and authentic friendship.

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2/3 From the Heart

Visit our new home in the heart of campus.

Our doors are open to you at Melrose Station, our  home for community and hospitality at the corner of Washington & Oak in the center of the Minneapolis campus. Discover a place for meals, study, and gatherings of all sizes—designed for you.

Melrose Station
3/3 For The university

Join us in stewarding Christian flourishing on campus.

You are more than a consumer of the university experience—you can be an active participant in helping the U of MN and its people flourish. This has been the posture of Anselm House for more than 40 years: from the university, for the university. The invitation extends beyond campus to churches, pastors, parents, and friends. Find your place in the story.

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